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The Liquidity Infrastructure
for Solana

Jupiter brings together all the liquidity sources across Solana into a single endpoint, providing crucial swap aggregation, pricing data and payment features for all users and developers alike.

The JUP Promise

Best price

Best price

Best price

Best UX

Best price

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Since October 2021

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Powering Liquidity On Solana

Swap Aggregation

Jupiter Swap Aggregation brings to users the best price routes, best token selection, and best UI/UX across multiple liquidity sources

Real Time Precise Price Data

Jupiter real-time precise price data protocol extracts SPL token prices traded on DEXes and AMMs from the Solana blockchain.

Jupiter For Payments

Jupiter enables payments from any SPL token by providing the swap infrastructure.

Single Liquidity Endpoint For Solana

Jupiter simplifies the exponentially growing number of tokens and liquidity sources on Solana into a single endpoint, allowing users and projects to fully access the value within Solana, seamlessly.

The Jupiter Ecosystem

We power swap and data discovery across wide parts of the Solana ecosystem.

Facilitating Cross-chain Liquidity

Jupiter works closely with top cross chain projects to ensure that any liquidity coming into Solana can immediately be swapped with any other token in Solana with the best execution and price.

Building the best community in DeFi

Our product is 100% dependent on our users sharing, evangelizing and helping us in forming partnerships. Through constant feedback from our amazing community, we are able to create the finest version of our product.

We are building the best community in DeFi and we would love for you to join.

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